PREFECT CARBS TO PROTEIN RATIO : “LEAN MASS” Gainer has the perfect combination of

Carbohydrates and Proteins for Fast weight gain.

BEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS : “LEAN MASS” Gainer is formulated with a blend of high

quality Carbohydrate, Proteins, creatine. and Digestive Enzymes.

HIGH-CALORIE FEEDING: “LEAN MASS” Gainer is a perfect choice for gaining weight loss due

to hectic life-style, adverse effects of drugs and Hyper-metabolism.

MASSIVE MUSCLE STRENGTH : “LEAN MASS” Gainer contains an incredible range of

essential amino acid, which is absorded and thus increase muscle strength.

SEVER EXERCISE : Creatine in this formulation, supports your muscles to produce energy during

heavy lifting or high-intensity exercise. Moreover, it is an excellent choice to improve exercise


PEAK ABSORPTION : The added digestive enzymes assist in high absorption of the carbohydrates &

proteins and helps in fast recovery.

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