WILD MASS There are multiple varieties of mass gainers in the market and it becomes a dilemma of choices and options to choose the better one. Hence, Muscle Mileage has come up with a product category for mass gain by the name of WILD MASS as the name implies, represents Mass and provides Tremendous Strength. This formula for mass gain contains carbohydrates along with High Quality blend of proteins which protects and repairs Muscles and other tissues. WILD MASS also gives you extra BCAA (BRANCHED CHAINED AMINO ACIDS) in the ratio of 2:1:1 for muscle strength and gains. It contains quality vitamins and minerals. WILD MASS is also fortified with L-Glutamine for recovery of your body resulting from strenuous work. it is recommended to take WILD MASS in between your regular meals so as to increase your calorie intake. if you want to make a more appetizing flavour, you can add milk and fruits, and enjoy the amazing taste we also recommend using different variants of flavours of WILD MASS

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